The Andersons - A Family AffairThe Anderson Family - "A Family Affair" [Listen to Song Clips]

Ask Casey Anderson and he'll tell you that for the Anderson's, music has long been a family affair. Where did this talented family come from? The father of singing legend Lynn Anderson, Casey is the son of Grace and Carl Anderson.

Grace was born January 13, 1904 in Snowflake, Canada to Henry and Nancy Norton. Carl hailed from Minnesota. His dad, Charles Anderson, was from Stockholm and of Swedish descent, and his mother, Mary Anderson, was Norwegian. The Andersons certainly came by their blond hair and blue eyes through their Scandinavian kinfolk. Read More>>  [Buy MP3 Album]


Lynn Anderson - "Day One" [Listen to a Clip]

Lynn Anderson's latest single, "Day One" was written by legendary songwriter, Liz Anderson, and it will tug at your heartstrings. The emotion in Lynn's voice is compelling, and each line reaches out to touch you. This is a song that anyone can relate to, and Lynn has never sounded better! "Day One" is a hit song performed by one of country music's greatest legends, and written by another legend - who just happened to be her mother. It is a beautiful combination of mother and daughter in one song. You won't be disappointed!  [Buy MP3]

Liz Anderson - "Alpha & Omega" [Listen to a Clip]

Upbeat bluegrass ditty sung by songwriting legend, Liz Anderson, who has the voice of an angel still, at 84 years old. Currently out for radio distribution across Europe & Australia and climbing the charts! This is bluegrass and country at it's finest. [Buy MP3]


Lynn Anderson - "Cowgirl II"

This CD was almost titled "family and friends" because it so describes this project. Good friends like my cutting horse buddies, the distinguished actor Barry Corbin and my old compadre radio hall of famer Bob Kingsley - both of whom added their cowboy voice-overs on "Turn The Herd" and made it very special and loads of fun.

Casey Anderson - "The Ballad Of The Pony Express"

 The original Pony Express was organized 150 years ago in 1860 between the U.S. Postal Service and three American transportation pioneers - William H. Russell, Alexander Majors and William B.Waddell. The Pony Express Riders were all very young and mostly single. When the U.S. Postal Service celebrated the 100-years of the U.S. Mail in 1960, there was a re-enactment ride across the original trail. This ride was 1966 miles between St. Joseph, Mo. (which was the westernmost point that the railroad and the telegraph had reached) and Sacramento, CA.

Lynn Anderson - Cowgirl

Lynn Anderson - CowgirlSuperstar LYNN ANDERSON has a new Western CD - “COWGIRL” - a collection of 12 songs - some old -some new - all great. Lynn is co-writer on one of them with her songwriter mother - Liz Anderson “FULL MOON IN BAGHDAD” - a beautiful patriotic love song.

Sons Of The Guns

Sons of The GunsNow we go to the Old West and listen to songs for the cowboy and cowgirl in all of us. We have the 'Sons Of The Guns' CD where Liz Anderson sings "The Gunslinger" then introduces Casey Anderson and the other 'Sons' - Mark Moseley, Jim Mundy, Gray Stream and Joe Barnhill to sing songs about The West.

The Cowgirl Way

Liz Anderson - The Cowgirl WayThen Liz Anderson does 'The Cowgirl Way' - A great collection of western songs like 'Wild Wild Women Of The Wild Wild West', and 'Cowboys Are A Girl's Best Friend'. Casey Anderson does three guest vocals on this CD - one is called 'The Six Gun Kid' where he wears six guns - not just two.

Are You Hungry? Eat Your Import!

Are You Hungry?  Eat Your Import! - Faron YoungA very timely song  - "Are You Hungry? Eat Your Import!" is from one of your  favorite singers of the past.  Faron Young had one of the best voices in the country music business.

For very young children, and the child in all of us - we take you to 'Golden Rainbow Land' where Liz Anderson as "Fairy Grandmother" sings children songs to warm your heart. Two CDs are available (see below).
Fairy Grandmother - Christmas

Liz Anderson - The Fairy Grandmother - Christmas CD'The Fairy Grandmother' sings her favorite children's Christmas songs. You'll enjoy hearing about 'Jeannie The Little Reindeer Girl', 'Christopher The Christmas Seal', 'The Little Christmas Angel' and six other Christmas songs that children will love. Casey Anderson makes a guest appearance singing about the 'Magic Candy Machine'.

Fairy Grandmother - Holidays

Liz Anderson - The Fairy Grandmother - Holiday'The Fairy Grandmother' sings songs for various national holidays - you will love. 'Chelsea The Easter Chicken' for Easter and 'The Candy Goblin' for Halloween. Casey makes his appearance here as 'Tommy Turkey', 'Grandfather Time' and 'The Knight In Shining Armor'. Also making her first guest appearance is Liz's Granddaughter - Lisa Sutton - singing 'Lisa The Little Farmerette' about all the animals she has owned, complete with sound effects.