Casey Anderson - The Pony ExpressThe 150th Anniversary of the Pony Express

The original Pony Express was organized 150 years ago in 1860 between the U.S. Postal Service and three American transportation pioneers - William H. Russell, Alexander Majors and William B.Waddell. The Pony Express Riders were all very young and mostly single. When the U.S. Postal Service celebrated the 100-years of the U.S. Mail in 1960, there was a re-enactment ride across the original trail. This ride was 1966 miles between St. Joseph, Mo. (which was the westernmost point that the railroad and the telegraph had reached) and Sacramento, Ca.

Now another 50 years have passed and there are various 150-year celebrations being planned throughout the U.S. This year, the Pony Express re-run is starting in San Francisco by boat to Sacramento - leaving Sacramento June 6 - and will arrive in St. Joseph on June 26 with various activities planned along the route.

Casey Anderson was one of the riders in the 1960 re-run. His ride was #483 West from Pacific House to Sportsmanís Lodge in California - 7 miles of rugged Sierra Nevada Terrain. To commemorate the occasion, he and songwriter wife Liz Anderson wrote the official Pony Express song which the U.S. Postal Service adopted that year as their official song for the celebration. The Postal Service had a traveling display of the 100 years of the U.S. Postal Service. The display went to all state fairs and the song played over display speakers every 20 minutes.
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